The Children's National Capital of Caring Fund funds patients' medical care at the Children's National Health System if the parents cannot afford it. Bristow's Lily Rancourt, who is a mere 8 year old, survived the most complex pediatric heart surgery in the US that was performed in DC. And she is now the new face for their campaign.

Lily was adopted from China at 2 and a half years old. When born, she was considered terminal due to her backwards, upside down heart that was on the opposite side of her chest. The Rancourts knew they had to get the best care possible for Lily's severe condition so they chose Children's National in D.C.

When Lily had her third open heart surgery, her right pulmonary artery became clotted and became disconnected from her heart. Believing her survival chance to be too low with one functioning lung and a different anatomy, many transplant centers didn't place Lily on the list to receive a new heart. But the Heart Failure Cardiologist at Children's Hospital listed her, believing in her charm and enthusiasm. Even though there was a small chance of her surviving, a donor's right pulmonary artery is currently attached to Lily's right lung.

The Rancourts are eternally grateful to Children's National Medical Center and were able to pay Lily's medical costs, but some families are not as blessed. The Rancourts want to help other families with children who are currently there and are assisting in helping the Children's Medical Center fundraise. The Children's National Capital of Caring Fund gives funding for child's care at the Children's National Health System if their parents cannot afford it. Lily's mother, Emily Rancourt, discussed how when you donate, you are giving more days to live for a child rather than more money to an organization.

Lily's parents encouraged her to be part of the campaign along with them helping out the Children's National Capital of Caring Fund. The commercial features Karim, an 11 year old a cerebral palsy patient, Brody, a 6 year old with kidney disease and Lily.  Her one line of "capital of compassion" greatly represents the Children's National Medical Center and its want to help all children in need.

Lily enjoyed producing a commercial and print campaign in front of a green screen. She also appeared on Great Day Washington, CBS WUSA 9 on Dec. 1. Along with being a regional face of the fund, the Rancourts have also shared their story with friends, family and close neighbors in Gainesville and Bristow

If you'd like to contribute to the Children's National Capital of Caring Fund, you can visit Children’s National Capital of Caring website and see Lily in action in the commercial.

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