As Amazon moves into Crystal City, it's important to understand what it takes to move to a new place. Uprooting your life isn't an easy feat—yet, it's exciting and new. You'll get to explore a whole new place and all that that new place has to offer! There'll be new activities, new restaurants, new friends, new parks, and more. 

What should you know about your new hometown? What research should you do ahead of time to ensure you relocate to a place you'll be comfortable living in? Here's what you need to know: 

Do Your Research Before Buying (or Renting) 

The area you live in makes your home what it is. Check out Google Maps before your big move. Maybe even make a list of the advantages and disadvantages to each area you research—it can help make the decision easier. 

If your kids are in school, you'll likely want a school facility close by. Do you want them to attend a private or public school? Is there one close by? Whether you have school-aged children or not, great schools nearby may contribute to higher home values over time. What about grocery shopping? Is it easy to get to? Do you like to have a gym you can walk to? Are there parks? Neighborhoods that are in walking distance to local amenities such as grocery stores and shops are in demand. Ask yourself these questions ahead of time. Determine their importance to you and your family. 


Research the Local Big Activities and Events

With a new city comes a new list of annual events and festivals. Find out what big attractions take place. If your family is into skiing or mountain biking, look to see if there is a place close by to partake in these activities. Plus, finding activities and fun events to look forward to can lessen the impact of a move, such as moving far away from friends and family. It's exciting, but it can also be really tough. Make the best out of it! 


Research the Costs of Your New City

This is a big one. Cities come with different price tags. Even grocery prices tend to change. Different areas can have very different property tax rates, so when choosing an area, be mindful of the annual property taxes you'll be paying. Make sure you know what you'll be spending before you commit. Calculate what you can expect to spend in your new city—does it work for your budget? The worst thing that could happen is you move and find out you can't afford your new city. Financial planning makes all the difference, and it can help you avoid future panic or crises.

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